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Scary pockets

Tonight, as Pasfollette is about to clamber upstairs, I notice a small bump in her clothes.

-"Hang on, what have you got in your pocket?
- Hi hi hi hi hi!"

Please don't let it be alive, I quietly pray.

- "Well? What is it?"

More giggles. There's NO WAY I'm putting my hand in that pocket now.
Finally, she answers. Well, sort of.

- "A wok.
- A what?
- A WOK!"

I look at the tiny pocket on the side of her dungarees. A wok??????

- "Alright then, take it out."

She carefully pulls the wok out of her pocket and sets it down on a nearby desk.

- "That's the mommy wok. I've got a baby wok too!"

She pulls out a much smaller wok and places it next to the big one.

-"Any more in there? No? Then go upstairs now and brush your teeth and get into your pyjamas. I'll be up in a minute to read you a story."

She starts walking up the stairs, then suddenly rushes down to the woks and whispers:

"'Night 'night, wokies. This is your new home."

[Toutes mes excuses aux francophones, les anglos vous confirmeront que c'était intraduisible comme histoire...]

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